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Influencers of Change

Giving Plus (G+) is designed to educate the next generation on the Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) of wealth. It is an active programme aimed to inspire the next generation of Philanthropists and to channel direct action to support the charitable sector. The programme is a meaningful group experience based on developing relationships with other like-minded members of the younger generation.

The Purpose

Giving Plus (G+) enables young professionals to be more impactful change agents and to be more connected with the communities they serve by taking them through a journey that allows them to work in equal partnership with a diverse group of people, including those they set out to help.

The Divide

The Problem

Many young professionals who want to give do not have distributed leadership skills and exposure to the people they want to help. At the same time, disadvantaged communities are not given the tools and opportunity to empower themselves.

The 'Have's' and 'Have Nots'

How we give can reinforce or break the divide. Often givers see beneficiaries as passive victims with nothing to offer and exclude them from the design and decision-making process of how to improve their lives.

How it Works

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Passion / Pledge

Join a group

Join others who share the same passion for a cause and pledge XYZ amount of donation.


Group Research

Team Power

Get to know other givers and be guided by a mentor on doing co-production, including how to find out the needs, strengths and context for those they hope to serve.




Giving Plus (G+) will match givers with recipients (some through charities) and support givers to facilitate a conversation or “co-production meeting” with beneficiaries to understand their needs better,




Co-production means delivering public (or charitable) services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours.




Givers and beneficiaries continue to implement change through an iterative process and collect outcomes. Givers and continued relationship with beneficiaries will create impact reports.

Method of Delivery

Delivered Online

Via Giving Plus (G+) website portal and LinkedIn, givers will be matched with beneficiaries. Group online portals will be accessible with all toolkits, charity databases, video training, procedures, etc., to form Giving Groups globally.

Delivered Offline

As with the traditional model, givers will be matched with beneficiaries. Offline groups will be created with access to toolkits, charity databases, procedures etc. to form Giving Groups nationally, first, then globally.

Our Team

Peter A. West


Peter has always been unconventional and able to think outside the Christian ‘box’ and communicate through nontraditional programmes. He has a reputation for being a philanthropic entrepreneur and has the heart to be compassionate, generous and develop a more fair and just society.

His work includes: Founder: Yeldall Manor Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre (1975), Founder Trusts in Partnership (1993) Founder/Director Giving Works (2001) Founder: The Bread Tin (2009) Founder: Giving Plus (G+) 2020
Peter has a vast experience of the charitable/voluntary sector in the UK and sits on several boards as a trustee and Chairman.

Lindsay Ip


Dr Lindsay Ip is a clinical psychologist, a theatre lover, and one who dabbled in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She is a boundary spanner and integrator who brings her knowledge and experience in psychology, coaching, systems leadership, and innovation into her role as a trustee at Giving Plus.

She is passionate about mainstreaming philanthropy and contributing to equipping young people with the mindsets and skills to engage in giving and to live a purpose-driven life.

Faith Hailsham-Apiafi


Faith Apiafi-Hailsham is a Chartered Management Accountant with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Faith’s passion for finance and wealth creation got her involved in the work of philanthropy and promoting generosity. She has been involved with Trust in Partnerships for the last two years and is now part of the management team for Giving Plus.

She summarises her life purpose in two words: ‘Lavishing Generosity’. Faith is also a motivational speaker inspiring people through story-telling to be the best of who they were born to be.

Cherlene Wilson

Project Manager

Cherlene Wilson is an emotional wholeness coach and personality specialist, author, and international speaker. She works with influential leaders, executives, and organisations across the globe, to raise self- awareness, maximise performance, and ignite transformation in individuals.

As Giving Plus’ Project Manager, she heads up the day-to-day running of the project. She is passionate about creating opportunities for the transference of wealth, making philanthropy simplistic, while meeting the needs of local and global issues from a grassroots perspective.

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